Service Program

“Service,” especially completed without the expectation of reciprocity or compensation, is an essential component of twelve step recovery. However, outside of “the rooms” contemporary research supports notions that service via volunteerism, generosity, listening, offering emotional support, etc. and general “others centeredness” leads to a youth’s overall wellbeing throughout their lifetime. Statistically, young adults who participated in service displayed increased self-esteem, morality, sense of belonging, social assimilation, confidence, happiness, satisfaction, and overall more positive and thorough engagement in all aspects of their lives. At Rising Peak Academy we promote an environment of service and philanthropy throughout a residents stay to support recovery as well as address entitlement and overall emotional satisfaction.


Rising Peak Academy works with many organizations in our community. In particular we have partnered with our local homeless shelter and our boys cook a full meal and serve it to our community in need on a monthly basis. We also work with our local schools from helping them with projects around the year to our boys speaking to their health classes about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. We also work with Habitat for Humanity. We are consistently adding to the list of organizations as Service is a critical component of our residents graduation requirements.