Life Skills Program

Our mission in this area is simple; help our students launch into young adulthood practicing the core values of sobriety. This allows our students to live honest, productive lives, where they are living a life congruent with positive morals and values. We strive for holistic balance in physical, emotional/mental well-being, and spiritual health. The goal for our Life Skills Program is to instill manageability in all aspects of life.

Career Development

At Rising Peak Academy, our development programs allow our young men to began to focus on and gain experience toward a future career or skills area that will benefit them upon graduation. They work with our team as well as the local Job Service training teams to develop resumes, participate in mock interviews and begin to find an area of interest we can then provide opportunities to explore.

Vocational Skills

Rising Peak Academy provides our residents with opportunities to explore interests within multiple vocations. Our staff and recovery community have backgrounds in many vocational areas including carpentry, wood working, landscaping, graphic design, mechanics, music, photography, cattle ranching, guiding, rafting and many others. Our goal is for each young man to leave here with some proficiency in a new area of interest that will help them integrate back into society with critical experience. The residents are able to earn apprenticeships while at our program.