Academics Program

Academics at Rising Peak Academy are a unique and powerful portion of the student’s experience. The focus of our academics is multifold: to help students secure credits transferable to their present school environment and to provide them with communication skills essential to their functionality as confident and productive citizens. Personalized individual learning plans are designed with each student in mind; plans are created as a team with consideration to several individual components, including students: treatment goals, learning style, current high school transcript standing/requirements, future objectives, and academic and social needs.

High School Education

Our hybrid educational model blends flexible online learning via Keystone School, one-on-one tutoring from qualified local subject area teachers, and individual and group instruction in various college and career, communication and life preparation skills by our Montana state licensed Master’s level teacher.


Our affiliation with online curriculum servicer Keystone School allows us to award fully accredited/transferable high school diplomas.


  • Finalizing high school in a recovery setting
  • Creating future pathways
  • Nationally recognized high school diploma


Ideal for students who are significantly behind in high school credits; this option helps students to prepare for and earn their high school equivalency, while building life skills and a post-secondary transcript.


  • On site pre-assessments of student readiness in all test subject areas
  • Targeted skills lessons in areas of need via Essential Education software
  • Test registration/administration at a local test site
  • Flathead Valley Community College courses

Self Paced Online Curriculum

Through our fully accredited online curriculum provider, Blueprint Education, students can move in their own way and pace through required core and elective courses.


  • Fully accredited/transferable credits
  • Access to licensed teacher/graders
  • Video content lessons
  • On site academic support from licensed Masters level teacher

Tutoring & Preparation

Community partnerships provide opportunities for students to learn real life skills from local experts, either through participation in weekly lectures, mentorship relationships, on site tours, life design project, and/or job shadows.


RPA partners with Flathead Valley Tutor and Prep to provide students with a comprehensive 6-week content and strategies workshop.


  • Test prep workbook with multiple resources and practice tests
  • Content and strategies overview by local licensed subject area teachers
  • Positive peer interaction at an off-campus setting
  • Proctored practice exams with instructor scoring and feedback


Our collaboration with local Flathead Valley Tutor and Prep brings licensed and vetted subject area teachers to the RPA campus.


  • Mentorship from a variety of positive adults
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Targeted content area instruction
  • Soft skill (note taking, etc.) training

FVCC Running Start Program

Our partnership with Flathead Valley Community College provides students with dual credit (high school and college credit) and hands on college experience.


  • Constructive engagement with peers and professors
  • Learning in a diverse classroom environment
  • Community integration
  • Social skills development
  • Independence, autonomy, and self-efficacy

Treatment/Academic Integration

We understand that recovery is the foundation for all areas of life. With this is mind, Rising Peak Academy’s academic and therapeutic teams are highly collaborative.


  • Continuity in care and treatment planning
  • Academic and therapeutic programs are partially dependent on a supported group setting
  • Daily journals and discussion address academic, current event, and recovery topics
  • Encourages self-reflection and group accountability

Life Skills Curriculum

In addition to providing students with access to all their necessary high school credits, we also give students training in a variety of life skills.


  • College materials preparation
  • Financial management and planning strategies
  • Interpersonal communication activities
  • Guest lecturers: local professionals, experts in their fields
  • Career skills training
  • Personal reflection strategies