Rising Peak Academy (RPA) is built around our 3 phase program that moves these young men from Acceptance (Phase 1) to Action (Phase 2) then onto Resilience (Phase 3) and ultimately to Independence by participating in our Alumni program. Each phase outlines specific requirements within each element including Recovery, Academics, Therapy, Service, Health & Wellness and Life Skills. Progress is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess where each client is at in their individual process through 3 weekly staff meetings and resident presentations at the end of each phase. Furthermore, our system helps clients easily identify and be accountable for what is expected in order to see progression.


Rising Peak Academy Daily Schedule


The beginning phase of each residents stay can be the most difficult. Asking a young man to trust the process and people at a new program can be a challenge. We work with each young man through this initial phase which will take them from a level of defiance or compliance into acceptance. Coping skill development, change management, group and equine therapy, sponsor and peer support meetings and service work are elements that directly support this process.


The most critical and largest focus area for residents coming into Rising Peak Academy is the idea of Action. Most residents have been through a primary or wilderness program so they can talk the talk and find themselves in a place of compliance while not truly participating in programming. We require action, commitment, motivation, determination and implementation during this phase of the program. It’s not what you say it’s what you do that is most important at Rising Peak. We find this can be achieved leveraging an incentive based culture with natural consequences. We are preparing them for campus leadership throughout this phase and is a time they are facing their most challenging personal inventories.


The true goal of Rising Peak Academy is to build resilience within each young man that attends our program. This is a critical component to healthy progress both in programming as well as in life. The young men experience and learn through difficult tasks, leadership opportunities, conflict resolution, natural consequences, while focusing on humility, service, communication and recovery. This is the final step at Rising Peak Academy as we want to prepare these young men for the challenges of the world outside our fences.


We are currently building a strong alumni network around the country which includes alumni downhill ski and backcountry trips. We also have a transitional living cabin on-site for young men over 18 years of age that have graduated the program and want to intern/work here while going to community college. This is a great opportunity for a young man to live in a sober environment while continuing to pursue his next step in recovery.