Resilience & Recovery

in Northwest Montana


Rising Peak Academy is a life changing, long-term residential program that provides young men ages 13-18 the opportunities and motivation to succeed in all aspects of life while dealing with co-occurring disorders including addiction, mental health and behavioral issues.

Located on the edge of Glacier Park in Northwest Montana, we focus on healthy activity, academics, counseling and life-skills that establish a foundation of recovery in each and every resident that attends our program.

Recovery Program

Rising Peak Academy is based on a 12 Step Model of Recovery with the addition of social connection and the development of resilience through peer-based accountability. Research and our vast experience indicate that the group milieu, participation in family therapy, individual therapy, and 12 Step immersion is the treatment of choice for dealing with substance use and co-occurring disorders.

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Academics Program

Academics at Rising Peak Academy are a unique and powerful portion of the student’s experience. The focus of our academics is multifold: to help students secure credits transferable to their present school environment and to provide them with communication skills essential to their functionality as confident and productive citizens.

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Therapy Program

Rising Peak Academy seeks to build healthy peer-to-peer relationships rooted in 12-step recovery values and principles. Learning and implementing healthy relationship skills allows our students to launch and succeed in maintaining a manageable life.

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Life Skills Program

Our mission in this area is simple; help our students launch into young adulthood practicing the core values of sobriety. This allows our students to live honest, productive lives, where they are living a life congruent with positive morals and values.

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Service Program

“Service,” especially completed without the expectation of reciprocity or compensation, is an essential component of twelve step recovery. Contemporary research supports notions that service via volunteerism, generosity, listening, offering emotional support, etc. and general “others centeredness” leads to a youth’s overall wellbeing throughout their lifetime.

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Health & Wellness Program

Adolescence is a critical stage of development during which physical, intellectual, emotional, and psychological changes occur. While adolescence is a relatively healthy period of life, adolescents begin to make lifestyle choices and establish behaviors that affect both their current and future health.

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The Rising Peak Advantage

Rising Peak Academy provides a unique experience for adolescents suffering from addiction that need to acquire coping skills and relapse prevention in order to transition back into a healthy and successful life.


Leveraging the foundation of the 12-steps our programming will set us apart through the right combination of therapy, academics, life-skill building, healthy living, service and recovery.


Our property is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the world in Northwest Montana, 15 miles from the airport and many recreation opportunities.


We have developed strategic partnerships with local tutoring agencies, testing agencies, Psychologists and Psychiatrists as well as many mentors and professionals in the area to support critical needs and help our young men find their passion.

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" My son graduated from Rising Peak Academy and High School 6 weeks ago. Hands down RPA saved my family and my son’s life. " Andrea M
Helping young men succeed for the rest of their lives. Schedule a conversation with one of our Professionals to begin the process of Recovery & Resilience.